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path to ownership

Path to Ownership

What is Rent to Own?

    • This is an option if you are not able to obtain a loan to purchase a home right now, we are here to help you re-build your credit score and        

       obtain a home loan.

    • We offer you a 1-year lease and an option to purchase at a set price for the 1 year.

       How do I apply?

    • You can apply 2 different ways, online on our website at or in person at our office located at 1423 Grandview Ave    

       Papillion NE 68046 (located just off of 84th street and Hwy 370)


How long does the application process take?

    • Once we receive all your necessary paperwork we will send it to our partner Tenant Data and it takes about 24-72 hours to process.

    • When we receive your results we will compile your file and send it off to our preferred mortgage banker. It takes up to 10 days for an      

       answer on if you are able to obtain a home mortgage within the next year.


How long does it take to re-build credit?

    • This depends on where you are and what debts you may owe.

    • The process can take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year if you follow the recommendations on paying off debt/collections or opening a  

       credit card

    • You will be required to enroll in the Credit Law program if you are approved. This expense will be paid directly to Credit Law for the clean-  

       up of your credit reports.

    • The cost ranges from $20.00 to $120.00 per item that is in dispute on your credit report.


When we are ready to secure a loan, what is the next step?

    • Once you are ready to secure your loan, you will provide a copy of your Pre-Approval Letter

    • We will use a partnered title company and all closings will take place at our office.

    • When the paperwork is signed, you will be the proud new homeowner.


What makes up my credit score?

    • Payment History 35%

    • Amount of debt owed 30%

    • Length of credit history 15%

    • New Credit 10%

    • Types of credit in use 10%

Application Process 

We would love to have you as a resident!   Once you have decided on the perfect home, please follow these instructions in order to apply.  



We require a $50 application fee for each adult resident who will be occupying the home.  Once you complete the application you will be prompted to pay your application fee with your debit or credit card.


We also require 3 of your most recent paystub, bank statement, a signed authorization to release info, and an initialed statement of rental policy for each applicant.










Each Applicant MUST sign the authorization to release info and initial the statement of rental policy in order for us to process your application.




Select the property you would like to apply for from our rental listings and click "Apply Now" to be linked to our online application




FAX the signed authorization to release info, the initialed statement of rental policy, and the required forms  to us at 402-558-2323 or SCAN and E-MAIL your signed forms and required documents to


Home ownership is a wonderful thing with many benefits for your family's stability and long term financial health. Many people choose to enter into a "Rent-to-Own" agreement as a stepping stone into home ownership. Unfortunately, this can many times lead to disaster. The below points are some basic questions that should be asked before entering into a "Rent-to-Own" agreement.



Many times the term "Land Contract" is used in place of "Rent-to Own" as if there is no difference, however there is a HUGE difference. A true land contract generally involves a 3rd party escrow company performing the closing with owners' title insurance to offer some protection to the buyer. Furthermore, a land contract is generally filed off record at the county to protect the buyers' interest in the property.

A "Rent-to-Own" agreement is nothing more than a standard lease agreement that offers a resident an option to purchase the property at a pre-determined price. It can sometimes involve a portion of the monthly payment being applied toward the future purchase price. However, this agreement is rarely ever filed off record and offers no protection to the resident.



That is a great question? There are very few instances that you should pay a down payment or option fee associated with a "Rent to Own" agreement. Because there is no public record of this agreement you could very easily wind up losing this money if the owner of the property sells the property, is foreclosed upon or if you fail to pay your rent.



This is a great question to ask, however it should not be the focus. Rather, the focus should be on whether you are paying an acceptable market rent for the property. Many times, a property owner will overprice the monthly rent in order to offer a portion of it back to you "if" you purchase the property. This can backfire if the owner sells the property, is foreclosed upon or if you fail to purchase the property by the contract deadline. In any of these cases all of these increased payments will be lost.

Instead of expecting a portion of the monthly payment to reduce the purchase price, a simpler approach is to request that the owner pay a percentage of your closing costs upon purchase of the property. With this approach, you are never overpaying for something and putting your hard earned money at risk.



Many times, the repairs and maintenance of a property are expectations of the residents in a "Rent to Own" agreement. This can lead to a huge expense or burden if a large repair occurs such as a furnace or roof replacement. Respectable and professional property owners should always be willing to make repairs to the property while in a "Rent to Own" agreement as long as both the resident and owner agree these repairs can be added to the final price of the home.